About us

Bright Aerospace is a private owned Company established in early 2017.
The Company is focused on the development and manufacturing of Solid State Lasers dedicated to Aerospace applications.

Leveraging on our expertise in manufacturing highly ruggedized laser units designed for flight, and on our experience in the development of lasers for satellite instruments, Bright Aerospace can offer all kinds of design, customization and manufacturing services to customers involved in the development of laser instruments for space missions.

Bright Aerospace Product

Main fields of activity include:

high energy (~Joule-class) lasers at 1064, 1030, 532 and 355 nm for space-borne atmospheric LIDAR instruments high power (~100 W class), ns and sub-ns, high repetition rate laser solutions designed for Aerospace
multi-beam and multiple wavelength lasers for LIDAR and altimeters miniaturized high peak power pulsed lasers